Strength, Sculpt & Sweat!

This guide focuses on building strength, sculpting your body and getting in a good sweat! It is beginner, intermediate, and advanced friendly.


What's Included?

-6 weeks of workouts

-2, 3-week guides with programming to increase muscle & strength

-5-day split: Legs/Abs, Chest/Shoulders/Triceps, Back/Legs, Shoulders/ Biceps/Triceps, Glutes/Quads


-Supplement information

-Nutritional information & optional help with macros as needed

-How to track progress

-Optional weekly check-ins

-Guide based on cutting, bulking or maintaining

-Weekly focus on 3 main lifts for overall body composition and strength: squat, bench, deadlift

-Cardio Routine

-Exercise finder with hashtags on @saraliftslife


Gym required. No at-home version at this time.


Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the guide as a PDF attachment. Please make sure you put the right email on file. Save the PDF, as the e-mail link will expire in 1 month.


If you are purchasing this item, you agree that you are 18+, and that Sara Daniels Fitness, LLC is not liable for any injury. Always consult with a doctor before starting any exercise regimen.


Summer Sweat in 6 Weeks!


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